The Pascagoula Redevelopment Authority (the “PRA”), as the urban renewal agency of and working in cooperation with the City of Pascagoula, Mississippi (the “City”), is soliciting “Pascagoula Redevelopment Authority Request for Proposals for Qualified Developer(s) for the Pascagoula Riverfront Site” from developer(s) interested in developing mixed use development of retail, restaurant, office, and residential space along the Pascagoula River in downtown Pascagoula, Mississippi. Qualified developer(s) may indicate interest, qualifications and proposals by responding to this Request for Proposals (“RFP”). The PRA is an urban renewal agency established by the City of Pascagoula pursuant to and acting under the authority of Section 43-35-1 et seq. of the Mississippi Code. For more information on the PRA and the City of Pascagoula, please visit

The PRA Site is identified as Tracts A, B, and C in the preliminary plat entitled Riverfront Addition found in Attachment-B. The Platt Site is fully described in Attachment-C.

The PRA Site and Platt Site fall within four different flood zones:

  • VE-16
  • Coastal AE-15
  • Coastal AE-14
  • Coastal AE-13

For the City of Pascagoula, Coastal A-Zone requirements are the same as V-Zone requirements, and the developer will be responsible for confirming all site elevations and elevation requirements prior to construction. Requirements include:

  • All engineering documents must be approved for the foundation and the building.
  • The elevation of the properties range from approximately six to 10 feet above sea level, and construction must comply with a 150 mph wind speed rating.
  • The buildings must be elevated approximately 8 to 10 feet off the ground, which will accommodate additional parking for the site.

Site Background


 The City of Pascagoula, one of Mississippi’s largest cities, is the county seat for Jackson County. The city is located 30 minutes east of Biloxi, Mississippi and two hours east of New Orleans, Louisiana. It is also 30 minutes west of Mobile, Alabama and three and a half hours south of Jackson, Mississippi. With a population of nearly 24,000 residents and a significantly larger daytime population, the Pascagoula is home to numerous industries including Huntington-Ingalls ShipbuildingChevron RefineryFirst Chemical, and VT Halter Marine.

Gracefully seated at the mouth of the majestic river that bears its name, Pascagoula offers rich natural charm and hospitality that is second to none. The moss-laden oaks, friendly residents and bustling downtown make this a place that you won’t soon forget. In addition to the great amenities of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Pascagoula boasts convenience in traveling and shopping, strong industry, enriching cultural activities and outstanding health care and educational facilities.

Zoning and Planning

The project site is currently zoned as a Neighborhood Commercial (NC), which aims to accommodate small-scale, low-intensity and convenience retail, service and office uses. These establishments are expected to provide goods and services primarily serving the daily and institutional needs of the surrounding neighborhoods. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • recreational facilities
  • restaurants
  • banks
  • drug stores
  • grocery stores
  • libraries
  • places of worship
  • day cares
  • schools

Additionally, NC allows for single- and two-family dwellings on the upper floors of nonresidential establishments, mixed-use development and stand-alone, high-density townhouse and multifamily dwellings. District standards strive to ensure uses and development intensities are consistent with a neighborhood scale, compatible with surrounding uses and do not encourage traffic from outside the neighborhood.

The city is currently working to rezone the site as a Waterfront Mixed-Use (WMU) District. The purpose of the WMU District is to reconnect the city to its waterfronts by supporting mixed-use and infill development in targeted waterfront areas. WMU encourages development of mixed-use neighborhoods that support the following:

  • a variety of medium- to high-density housing types
  • retail shopping uses
  • cultural uses
  • hospitality uses
  • water-oriented uses including leisure activities

A WMU District intends to bolster tourism, ensure compatibility with adjacent development, promote human-scale development oriented to the street and foster pedestrian activity along the waterfront – and to and from adjoining activity centers.

The city-owned site currently contains a 315-space parking garage constructed by the City of Pascagoula in 2011. The garage was originally constructed to allow for two additional floors to be added, increasing the parking capacity to approximately 550 spaces.​

​The city is currently working on designs for a pier or marina, and anticipates constructing such a structure in the near future.

Major infrastructure for the site has been installed on the PRA Site. This includes water, sanitary sewer, storm drain, streets, curb and gutter, sidewalks, landscaping, street lights and decorative lights, riverwalk and public access points. The mains are strategically placed to provide service to each of the lots available for development. Street lights are in public right-of-way and are controlled by photocell. There are sleeves installed to accommodate site-specific requirements like natural gas service, underground electrical feeds, fiber optics, etc.

The available sites for development are currently owned by the PRA and Front Street Properties, LLC. All owners are amenable to negotiating either sale of the property or long term ground lease.

Project Goals


Maximizing Value

PRA seeks to develop the sites to their full potential for use by the entire community. This maximizes the associated value and creates a constant revenue stream to the city, annually.


City Promotion

PRA is focused on promoting the growth and vibrancy of the city and development districts. They also encourage connectivity with, and celebration of the existing fabric of the surrounding neighborhoods.



Stimulating jobs through the development process is a priority for PRA. This project should promote an equitable business environment by creating opportunities for participation by qualified local businesses. It should also include minority and women-owned businesses, and encourage involvement in apprenticeship programs.



Providing development that is both compatible and consistent with the city.


Green Building

PRA is interested in developer experience with “green” building practices, and hopes to incorporate “green” building practices into this development.



PRA is interested in developers who are experienced with sustainable construction and development practices with similar projects.