This section provides a general overview of the anticipated responsibilities of a developer.  It is very important that respondents state clearly the scope of their development interest, including the portion of the Riverfront in which they are interested in developing. The City and PRA have a strong interest in seeing high quality development occur on as much of the property as feasible.  Accordingly, the PRA may negotiate with multiple respondents of this RFP. Respondents that can demonstrate how their project promotes PRA goals as stated above will be given preference by the PRA, but all proposals are encouraged and will be considered. Following selection of the developer(s), the development responsibilities will be more specifically defined and detailed in the ground lease and any development agreements negotiated between the developer parties and the PRA and any incentive agreements negotiated between the developer parties and the City, County, or the State of Mississippi, as applicable. It is anticipated that the developer’s work program will be based on the PRA’s Conceptual Site and Design Vision and will include, but is not limited to, the following services:

Development Team Management

The PRA is seeking professionals who are interested and experienced in overseeing the operation, maintenance, management and security of the riverfront sites in their present condition as well as overseeing all steps necessary in preparing the property to a level that meets and incorporates the uses that are deemed in the best interest of the PRA.  The Developer(s) will work with the PRA and Design Consultant to create approved  contractors, subcontractors, architects, planners and other required resource providers (collectively the  “Development Team”) and  will be responsible for, among other items, the identification of short term sources of revenue from the site that do not adversely impact the long range development plans, solicit and oversee maintenance and construction contracts when deemed appropriate, oversee and manage lease/use agreements to the riverfront sites in conformity with the PRA’s goals and objectives.


The Developer(s) will be fully responsible for implementation, including, without limitation, developing a plan, permitting the project, securing the financing for the project, assisting individual tenants in securing financing, coordinating preliminary development negotiation  and obtaining any necessary approvals from the State of Mississippi, the City, and the County.  Upon request, the PRA will provide reasonable assistance to the developer(s) in these efforts.

Land Use and Development Approvals

The developer(s) will be responsible for any permits, licenses or regulatory approvals for development of the riverfront sites.  This includes any required environmental site assessments, wetland assessments, and related documentation, reports and approvals, building permits, and any similar necessary requirements.  Upon request, the PRA will provide reasonable assistance to the developer(s) in these efforts.

Financing Infrastructure and Development Costs

The developer(s) will be responsible for establishing financing structures.  The developer(s) will be responsible for financing the entire cost of the project.  These costs include all pre-development and development costs such as infrastructure, public communications, entitlements, environmental, wetland, traffic, soil, utility or other studies, design and construction costs, and off-site and on site work.  Requirements of the developer(s) include, but are not limited to, the following: 1) securing building permits; 2) financing and developing infrastructure; 3) any and all financial structuring; and 4) horizontal and vertical development.  This list is not intended to alter any existing infrastructure to be provided by the City as outlined above or any incentives ultimately approved by the City, County, or Mississippi Development Authority (MDA). The PRA may negotiate public/private partnership incentives to be incorporated into a ground lease or development agreement to be approved by the PRA and, if required, will provide reasonable assistance in connection with any City and County approvals being requested.


The developer(s) will be responsible for the construction of all improvements, including, but not limited to, infrastructure such as utilities, drainage and roads; building cores and shells; tenant improvements; fixed furniture, fixtures and equipment; landscaping and streetscaping.  The developer(s) will be required to comply, and cause all contractors and subcontractors to comply, with all applicable local, state and federal regulations regarding construction and employees, including, without limitation, prevailing wage, employment and other labor-related issues.  In addition, the developer(s) will be responsible for negotiating all development and construction agreements with any third-party developers and contractors.


The developer(s) will be responsible for long term management, leasing and maintenance of the development.  This may include the establishment of public/private partnerships for appropriate areas of the site.